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Pok-A-Snoz Snowmobile Club has been in existence for over 39 years.  We provide a 30-mile trail system within Portage County.  The purpose of this club is to advance safety; promote proper use of snowmobiles; encourage respect for the rights of others and adherence to federal, state, local and club regulations; and develop common spirit for all to enjoy.


We are an active club pursuing safe, groomed trails for snowmobilers.  We work with landowners to insure safe, well-kept trails.


The club enjoys trail rides, trips Up North, bonfires, summer camp-outs, trail workdays, conventions and an annual raffle.


Membership includes a subscription of Wisconsin Snowmobile News and membership to the A.W.S.C.


Meetings are held the first Thursday of the month at The Groomer Shed  2390 N. Second Drive @7pm (Sept-April)


Anyone under the age of 21 shall not be permitted to consume alcoholic beverages at any club functions.


Being actively involved in a snowmobile club will insure the sport and the maintenance of a quality trail system.  Membership funds collected are used to maintain the Pok-A-Snoz  trails  within Portage County. We encourage all snowmobile enthusiasts to join a local club. 


Guests are Welcomed, but, not allowed to vote at club functions.




Please return this portion to:

Pok-A-Snoz c/o Arlene Pukrop

3241 Cty Rd X North

Stevens Point, WI 54482


Please make the check payable to Pok-A-Snoz


Your Name                                                                          Spouses Name


____________________________________            ___________________________________________


Address, City, State, Zip




Telephone Number:                                                                                                                                                          


Email Address:                                                                                                                                                                  


Children Name(s) & Age(s)


____________________________________            ___________________________________________


____________________________________            ___________________________________________


How would you like to receive club correspondence? ________Mailed _______Emailed (please check one)


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